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Portland Road, East Grinstead,July 2007

These works Started in July 2007. Ian first visited in March to discuss various ideas and a sketch was drawn. Final levels were difficult to measure exactly as the existing garden sloped in all directions!

When Ian viewed the garden was as below:-

Upper lawn was tiny ans split in two

Rambling steps, quaint but impractical

Again quaint but impractical steps

Upper terrace, too small and cluttered

The idea being to give more space and terrace safely. We were to spend the first few days grading out and clearing. The upper terrace needed extending and retained by approx 6ft high walling! A new flight of steps to be created to the central lawn area. This to be widened as much as possible which needed sleeper walls with the neigbour. A major flight of sleeper steps would then be needed to reach the lower lawn.


Fuller pics were taken By Darielle and I hope to be able to upload soon!

This was a several week project, it used over 200 sleepers and a tremedous amount of steel girders to secure the walling. These pictures dont do the job justice!! A lot of quality work and manpower needed here. All credit to Peter & Wes!






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Much had been graded out

A large lower lawn created

Seeded as weather suitable

Sleepers held in girders

Retention with neighbour

Retention on other border

View down showing both lawn areas

Main Sleeper Steps

Sleeper steps

More retention creating raised bed

Wes asleep on the job!

Cheers Mum in Australia!

Main flight of brick steps

Treads of main steps

Finishing touches to main patio

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