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Farm Close, East Grinstead- Spring 2012

These works were started in Spring 2012. We had previosly worked for their neighbour and we were asked back to price for a similar projects. The customer supplied the rough plan which we slightly amended as the conditions dictated. The aim was to create a larger patio, allow space for a new conservatory and a larger shed. Drainage is a severe problem in this garden. Very high water table and moving clay.

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Existing Patio

FirstOriginal Steps

Original tight patio area

Original cramped patio









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Very thick retaining wall to chop out!

Took us a few days!!

Transported by dump barrow

Lots of work for the digger

We then concreted all

More still to dig out

Spoil was kept and removed from the front

Landslip had to be supported

Blockwork retention

Peter hard at work!

Lots of materials rapidly used!

Brick facing to each block wall

More walling!

New steps started!

More walling!

Yes! Peter does stop for a sandwich!

Bricks carted in by the track barrow.

Materials awaiting for use

New steps now completed

Lovely mixed sized paving!

New main steps...

Finished patio!

Side view of steps!

Patio drainage!

Finished walling with raised beds!

Feels so much more spacious!

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