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Albourne Road, Hurstpierpoint- March 2011

These works were started in March 2011. Ian first visited the garden in November 2010 to discuss possible paving and walling options. Part of the old 2m high wall had collapsed and the drive felt difficult to access.

When Ian viewed the garden was as below:-

The old wall had tumbled

The entrance lacked security


The idea being to give more security and give a far more welcoming practical entrance!

This was a major project, it involved 3 grab loads of debris away.. We were working in quite a tight space. The property is reached by a shared drive and to keep access available for large delivery vehicles relied on the good will of the neighbours!

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Much had to be dug out

Our little Hanix was put to work!

Peter was on the digger for 2 days..

Whoops! The track had come off!

We had 3 huge piles to go!

Careful work needed near the drains!

New entrance gates were fitted

Then the walling was started

Peter, bent over.. poor back!

Double skin brickwork using FLB bricks

Euromin Rumblestones have arrived

Wall continues!

Steadily rising

Aim is to match the right pillar

Compo for the drive has arrived

Walling continues

Peter at an easier working height

Pillar nearing finished height

Three courses to go

A nice pillar!

Looking good...

Next will be the drive!

Friday evening. New wall looks good!


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