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Guildford Road, Loxwood 2007

These works Started in late November 2007. Ian first visited in February 2005 to discuss various ideas and a sketch was drawn. A couple of years passed before we were asked to complete. There were a few modifications... but basic sketch was as below..

There was a lot of preparation to do. First job was to level the rear and raise the retaining bank of the stream. Initial photos are shown below....

Front drive as we start

Existing gravel drive

Side path

Existing patio







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Click on any photo to enlarge!

Existing steps

Existing levels

Existing stream

Existing view across

Spoil to go! Yes days are short!

Drainage in

Levels changed

Our digger has been hard at it

Sleeper bridge lifted

Awaiting ready mix concrete

Stream bank has been raised

Bank patio concreted in daylight

Side area concreted

Main patio area put to concrete

Girders awaiting new sleepers

Front completed in sections

Front concrete poured

New bridge

Oak sleeper bridge

Rear curved steps...

Main drive in preparation

Set of side steps uncovered

Simon about to start main step


Main drive concreted

Paving has arrived

A little more preparation

Peter begins paving on drive

Rear patio walling and edging

Simon brickwork in the rear

Looks Like snow! But it was dust!

Front drive contiues.

Another area poured today.

Simon progressing at the rear

Lower rear terrace paved

Pointing tomorrow? Its very cold!

Part of drive pointed

Drive continues

Main patio continues

Lower patio pointed

Pointing parts of upper patio

The weather has been cold and frosty for most of the past week.

Men have completed a lot these last few days...However...the paving has had to be tucked up well at night. Nearing Christmas!!

Seasonal Greetings to one and all!

Rear patio continues

Bridge has been adjusted

Path leads to bridge..

Main drive developing


Front drive continues

Front of house area tucked up!

Peter continues on drive

Simon pointing the rear patio

Its now December 20th 2007. Last day of work tomorrow before Christmas. We wont completely finish, but the intention is to be able to get the drive available at least. We will have to drop back and soil up after Christmas and there will be a little tidying and probably a few more bags needed on the river bank.

Side rear patio uncovered

Shed being re-erected

Front Drive just uncovered...

Peter finishing front drive...

Extra brick path

Rear finished but waiting for scrub!

Tidying Up!

Porch step can just be seen!

Almost Done!

Rear Patio after a scrub up!

Ready for planting!

Finished rear patio

Small step up to the bridge

Corner rear finished

Simon giving acid wash to the front

Finished but needing a wash!


awaiting front finished photo

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