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Park Crescent, Brighton 2007

These works Started in November 2007. Ian first visited in October to discuss various ideas and a sketch was drawn before the completion on sale. Final levels were difficult to measure exactly as the existing garden was very overgrown! We had worked in Park Crescent before and had completed an interesting project before for these same clients at their last property.

A lot relied on Peter, Simon & Barry to develop the best design on the fly! We did have a few sketches on paper, but paramount was to dig out a good 20 cu metres, create a decent patio, allow in as much light to the basement as possible and allow a fair degree of privacy...

Rapidly we got clearing

Scaffolding had been erected

Fortunately our digger could get in

This can show you the drop!

When we arrived we managed to get permission to bring our mini digger in through the shared gardens at the rear. This was the only access allowed. All spoil which was a good 20m³, had to go out through the house!!

We had the added problem of scaffolding being erected for the other trades! Initially we had a couple of difficult days, but rapidly all the trades began working together and a good working relationship developed. Above us were teams of builders, roofers, plumbers, decorators... you name it .... all were present!!






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Click on any photo to enlarge!

The digger had plenty to do

Also a lot of hand work!

Levels have been dropped!

Taking Shape

Basement being opened up

Random Stone walling by Simon

Blockwork to be rendered

Walling continues

Simon in action!

View down before steps

Yet another view of slope

Steps are formed in concrete

Steps rendered

Rendering by Peter & Simon

Beds being soiled up, is that Barry I see?

Treads in stone being fitted

Lower walls being rendered as well

Upper area ready for paving

Another perspective of the slope

Simon having a worthy break!!

Steps completed, paving starting

Upper area paved

Break for rain!

Slope managed by steps

Main steps


Level of patio



All pointed

Peter on the finishing touches

Garden feels quite safe

I hope to be able to pop back when the scaffolding is down and the painters have finished to take some final pics!!

A very satisfying job! I think Peter, Simon and Barry achieved a good result!! Barry will certainly remember all the carting through!

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