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Please help us to get Fast Internet availability to the rural villages & communities of 01273 by line or by Wifi..SussexNetShare....

Flexible Broadband Services


Now 27th August 2004. Many of us on Barcombe and Plumpton exchange now have ADSL broadband or are recieving it from our neighbours by WiFi. Many want but are still out of range. Trials have shown that people living and working further than 5.5km from their local exchange can now receive ADSL broadband services when previously they could not. It is a major step forward in the delivery of broadband to the vast majority of the UK population. Eclipse Internet is now accepting advance orders for its FLEX Broadband 512Kbps services based on the new limits set. Advance orders will be processed when the new range limits come into effect on 6th September. With a five day set up period this means that customers who have previously been too far away from their exchange to get broadband can start benefiting from FLEX as early as 11th September. Please click on the link to eclipse to check availability and sign up now!! £17.99 a month!

Flexible Broadband Services

a little bit of news that may be of interest to a few!

60 real ale pubs to get Wi-Fi
By Tim Richardson
Published Monday 6th September 2004 15:26 GMT
Sixty Shepherd Neame pubs in Kent, Surrey, London, Sussex and Essex are to get hooked up to wireless broadband by Christmas as the brewery expands its award-winning rural broadband project.

It was drinks all round in June as three pubs celebrated after Kent-based Telabria - which uses the pubs as the "hub" of its RuralMesh wireless broadband project - won a local business technology award.

Now, brewer Shepherd Neame is expanding the scheme to help bring wireless broadband to even more of its pubs and local villages. During September, 15 pubs will get wired for high speed net access with others following later this year.

The WiFi-enabled service costs £2.99 for an hour or £9.99 for a day. Regular users can subscribe for £24.99 a month.

Jim Baker, Telabria's chief exec said: "The wireless hotspots will be a real benefit to overnight guests, and also to businesses seeking 'connected' meeting and conference facilities.

"The system being installed in the properties can also be activated by Shepherd Neame to provide broadband internet and computer network services to residents' homes within the surrounding area, making the pub a technological hub of a wireless mesh network."

The pubs getting broadband this month are: The Chequers, Lamberhurst; The Conningbrook, Ashford; The Crown Inn, Chislehurst; The Dog & Bear, Lenham; The Evenhill, Littlebourne; The Crown Inn, Sarre; The Railway, Faversham; The Marine, Tankerton; The Millers Arms, Canterbury; The New Flying Horse, Wye; The Royal Hotel, Deal; The Ship & Trades, Chatham; The Sun Inn, Faversham, The White Horse, Boughton; and The Woolpack Inn, Chilham. ...as reported in the Register 06/09/2004

. . . . . . .

If you want to compare possible broadband providers click here!


It was announced by BT earlier today 27th April 2004 that the broadband registration scheme will cease with immediate effect - those exchanges that have already triggered will have activation dates set as soon as possible. BT will also set dates for all exchanges within ten per cent of their triggers so that these can also go into immediate build. BT plans to announce the phasing of the rollout for the remaining trigger exchanges by the end of June 2004.”

The decision by BT to close the registration scheme is based on bringing broadband to all the remaining exchanges with an existing trigger level faster, as they are now confident that the demand for broadband nationally is out there...... as we all knew anway!!!! Ian

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Click here to check out the providers, courtesy of ADSLguide.org

26th May 2004 is the date both Plumpton and Barcombe will get Broadband via a BT line!!... or maybe sooner!!!!

Also there are other ways developing!!!

In South Chailey in Mill Lane and in the vicinity of the Horns Lodge we are trying a small community wireless project with the help of other similar groups.SussexNetShare is our initial name! Initially we will be charging £10.00 a month for anytime. Depending on take up this and subject to fair useage. If you want higher bandwidth we will come to some arrangement. Will have security built in. Well advanced in planning. Up and running very soon! Please telephone or email Ian (01273 890747) if you are interested!!

In Barcombe via Satellite Instant Broadband are operational at £19.95 a month. Please contact Adam on 01825 750007 for further details.

North and central Lewes are also in the process of being covered by Richie & Others! Watch this space! North & Central Lewes and South Chailey to be operational very soon!!! SussexNetShare will be the name!

As for connectecting by wire! Well Done to all! We made it, Both the Exchanges of Plumpton & Barcombe have now gone well over trigger! Both are due to be activated by BT on the 26th May! We now have to wait and see! Has anyone any views on WiFi links, or indeed anything related to our Broadband campaign, please feel free to add in our new campaign forum! You can still email Ian to discuss ideas personally or Nick. ..Please read reviews before you sign up!! Once you sign up you can be tied into a year contract with a very poor service! I personally have signed up with Eclipse who seem to appear very highly in all the reports I have read and have been very helpful in our campaign. They also only expect a 1 month contract as opposed to the 12 months with Tiscali!!


Latest Exchange Information

BARCOMBE has now hit its trigger as well at 7.15 06/01/03 with 306 registrations!
Trigger set by BT 300
Registrations to date  
Register Now, we still ideally need more to register!!

PLUMPTON reached its trigger just before New Year, now to wait for a validity check and assignment date from BT
Trigger set by BT 250
Registrations to date
Register Now, we still ideally need more to register!!


We have been particularly looking at the areas of South Chailey, Barcombe, Plumpton, East Chiltington, Cooksbridge, Westmeston and Streat.

LOOK ABOVE!!! more info at how our campaign developed at the bottom of page...

Our Diary!!

22nd April, It has been very quiet since Jan as we all wait to see how or if we can get Broadband soon after May 26th. Several of us find we are out of range. We are pondering over WiFi links. Please all keep in touch as I am sure it will not all go smoothly for many!! It has been really good to see so many people really working together to achieve our goal!

7th Jan, as of 5am Barcombe now on 358! and Plumpton on 263! Some registrations certainly got slowed down in the system! What pleases me a lot is that we managed without a full blown drop in several areas of Barcombe and Streat! The registrations could have been even higher!! Ian For those that are not aware - when BT set the 2,300 trigger levels they did not individually check each exchange - of all the exchanges that have triggered 27 have not had service dates allocated because they need extensive re-cabling - one of these is Scaynes Hill.Service date should be 12-14 weeks from Trigger and will depend on several factors - one factor will be the amount of work required -at the exchange so let's hope we are not in the same position as Scaynes Hill. Best Regards, Nick. More info is here - http://www.samknows.com/broadband/

6th Jan, 7.15pm. Although not all sites are showing it. Barcombe now hit its trigger and has now 306 Registrations. Well Done to all!!

5th Jan Numbers are still rising. 8 more needed in Barcombe!!Just received the following message "Many of you will have noticed that registration numbers have not been growing over the weekend. Unfortunately the BT systems have been down since Friday afternoon and this has affected the acceptance of ALL registrations through any web sites – not just Eclipse’s. The issue has now been resolved by BT and registrations will be resubmitted later today. In the meantime, please rest assured that your registrations were not lost, just a little delayed. With kindest regards and best wishes for the New Year." From.Eclipse Internet

3rd Jan, Sorry the gremlin on the site keeps reappearing. New Registrations are not going through correctly either. I know 2 more have registered under Barcombe but they are not showing. I hope several more havent been lost in the system! The wewantbroadband team at Eclipse Internet have solved the problem but then within minutes it reappears!! Please email me with your details if you wish to register so I can check they actually go on!! Thanks. Ian or phone on 01273 890747. Thanks

2nd Jan Now 286 for Barcombe at 9.30am. Just adding another from Cooksbridge to bring to at least 287! Thank you Paul for phoning me!! 13 more to go!!

1st Jan, Just added one from Cooksbridge on the Barcombe exchange and another emailed to say they are registering themselves! So hopefully numbers will drop again when figures are released tomorrow! Still the odd gremlin in the registration department! Sometimes works fine, then refuses to co-operate! Apologies!! We believe that we have at least 284 or 285 registrations at the moment, but these are not officially showing yet... maybe more????

31st December, Barcombe now on 278. 22 more needed!! Registration link still not working too well. If you cannot get link to work well please email Ian with your 01273 number, name and address and I will add you. This info will not be used or kept for any other purpose. To email Ian please click here. 3pm up to 280 plus one here to add! Now officially 281, 19 to go! Now 283, 17 to go at 7.30pm, I was just able to add 2 more!

30th December, Barcombe now on 275 at 8am, 25 needed more maildrops today hopefully!! 4pm 277 Barcombe, 253 Plumpton. Mail drops in South Chailey & Cooksbridge continuing. We need a drop in Barcombe village. Any offers??? 9pm, Plumpton on 254. Our system to take new applicants was down earlier this evening.... Apologies I programmed a gremlin!!

29th December, a few leaflets going out today in South Chailey again. One has signed up plus an interested phone call, now need 30 more interested names for the Barcombe exchange! Now just 26 needed!! 8pm

28th December, Made it in Plumpton last night! Interesting how the mixture of approaches worked well. We had a lot of leaflet delivering of a personal support the village kind. We had a lot of young adults badgering their parents to sign up plus the business fraternity all working together! Well Done! Last night I was approached by 3 new names, 2 I thought had signed up previously but hadn't. This pushed it up over the 250! Plumpton exchange has reached its trigger of 250. BT Wholesale will now check the validity of the registrations and will assign a date for the exchange to be enabled. At that stage you will be able to pre-order your service. Once the trigger level is reached for an exchange, BT will spend a few days checking the registrations to ensure they are genuine. If so, the exchange will be added to the build list. The build list is a list of exchanges that are due to be ADSL enabled. It will generally take around 3-4 months for the exchange to be ready for service. Now we need to concentrate again on Barcombe. Each new supporter seems to bring in 20 or so names!! We need more supporters or those willing to knock a few more doors!!

27th December 7pm Plumpton now on 249!!! One more to go!! Will the Plumpton exchange make it this weekend?? Stuck on 31 for Barcombe still!! We must have another purge in South Chailey & Barcombe next week!!

27th December 1pm! Now Plumpton on 248!! only needs 2 more!! We still need 31 in Barcombe!!

27th December early am Plumpton now needs only 4 more registrants!! Barcombe still needs 31. We must get out there in Barcombe and South Chailey again!! More leg work needed!!!

Boxing day!! Plumpton only needs another 5 names!!!! Barcombe still needs 31!!! We still need more names, just a few..... A very big thank you must go out to Gareth and others out there knocking doors in Plumpton and Fred and others working hard in East Chiltington this week. I realize that there are a lot of us all now trying really hard!! In Barcombe and Chailey we also have several delivering and working hard.. but we still need more names!!

25th December update!! Plumpton needs just 12!! Barcombe needs 31!! Keep it up!!! Well Done!!

24th December update. Only need 26 more for Plumpton and 42 for Barcombe! Big push now underway in both Plumpton & Barcombe!! Well Done to all!

23rd December, Only 42 more names needed for Barcombe exchange and 43 for Plumpton!!! 35 now needed for Plumpton if info just received is correct!!

21st December, a big push underway in Barcombe at the moment!! Plumpton still gaining a few every day!!

Graphs and figures are getting a little confusing!! Numbers seem to fluctuate a lot!! On one site at the moment it is showing Plumpton has 193 signed up, needing 57 more... But several have signed up in the past few days!! Barcombe is showing as 231 on some, 213 on others is this a misprint?? If 231 Barcombe only needs another 69! But to be honest I havent heard about this extra sudden influx. I hope its true!! YES IT IS TRUE!!! But we still need more names!!!

15th December, Every day we are getting a few more signing up!! We are getting very close in both Plumpton & Barcombe...We still need a few more out there asking their neighbours and work colleagues to register their interest!!

9th December, Still getting offers of help! Yes please as many people are needed as possible to ask others to show their interest. Leaflet drops do help, but best way is by actually asking personaly. Trouble is most of us spend our time sitting in front of these dear computers and it does take extra effort to actually walk down the road and chat to our neighbours! I am as much to blame as anyone!! But we are getting there!! Anyone wanting to drop leaflets locally please ring or email Ian. I will join you!!

30th NOV 2003 Still getting new contacts everyday. Heard of a new group in Plumpton village trying to drum up support. Can we reach our trigger levels by Christmas?? Virtually all the recent new enquiries have signed up from our mailshots and word of mouth requests. Word of mouth takes time but works. Please ask all your neigbours to sign up!! Better still check with them first and sign up for them yourself!!

28th NOV 2003 Lots of emails and calls these past few days. Lots of support! Keep it up! Thank You!! Just to mention one from Steve Maxter from the Pouchlands development! Yes we do need all from Pouchlands to sign up!! Please ask all your friends and neighbours to register their interest. We can make those trigger figures. We still need someone to start delivering and drumming up support in Plumpton village itself. Also the centre of Barcombe has not generated many enquiries yet. Can anyone help?? Also Highbridge Lane in East Chiltington needs a sponser!

17th NOV 2003 Just heard the trigger for Plumpton/East Chiltigton/South Chailey has been reduced to 250!! only need 90 odd more to sign up!! Unfortunately Chailey/Barcombe trigger has been set at 300 so they need over 150 more! Are there any volunteers out there with time to drop leaflets! I have loads but no time. With concerted effort we should be able to get things moving..... Ian

21st NOV 2003. Great to suddenly have an influx of comments!! Too many to list here. This site can be updated daily easily. The other is registered with the national wewantbroadband campaign and unfortunately is a little slow to update info!! Today had new contact Andrew who will be writing to Sussex Express readers, plus he put a link and splash on the The Ouse Angling Preservation Society website. Also spoke to several other local residents plus East Chiltington Forge who will be registering very shortly! Locally we have Nick, Nick & Glenn putting in a lot of effort. We also have several of our younger village lads very keen on gaming who are prepared to give up some of their spare time unpaid like all of us to deliver leaflets. Thanks also to the Horns Lodge who have offered to give out our leaflets at the bar. Any other volunteers????? Stop Press... 4 more have registered just today!! Keep up the good work!!

23rd NOV 2003 update. Steve at the Horns Lodge has managed to get several more residents on both the Barombe & Plumpton exchanges to register an interest. Well Done and thanks Steve!! If you want copies of our leaflets to hand out please email Ian & I will get masters or copies to you asap. Thanks again!


Click to link with south chailey we want broadband TO CLICK To get further info & register your interest. THANKS!!!

or for direct link to register interest only please click here


Below was our flyer which worked very well!

PLEASE, your village needs your help, if you can!

To all residents of South Chailey, Plumpton, East Chiltington, Barcombe, Cooksbridge and Streat.

As we write this, the trigger level for the Plumpton and Barcombe exchanges have been set at 250 and 300 respectively. So far 160 (NOW !) residents have signed up as interested under Plumpton and 135 ( !) under Barcombe. All we need are another 90 (NOW 0 but more always useful!) and 165 (NOW ! )respectively to register an interest on our site and all of us on the Plumpton & Barcombe exchanges would then have the opportunity to have Broadband!!!

(As I revise this page I have just entered another 6 for the Barcombe exchange and 1 new enquiry for the Plumpton exchange. These are not as yet included in the above figures! Ian 28/11/03 ..now 04/12 just added a few more which will show tomorrow! I gather there is to be a mail drop to most of East Chiltington in the next few days. Thank you Fred!)

All we need for BT to agree to modify the exchange is your interest to be shown!

Please visit our site www.southchailey.wewantbroadband.co.uk and sign up TODAY to register your interest. We need all of you to show interest!!!! If you cannot register on the net please just ring the numbers below and leave your name, address & telephone number and we will register your interest for you! You can also drop your details into Sunnycroft, Mill Lane, South Chailey or at The Horns Lodge. We will not use this information for any other purpose. We ourselves are not in this for any financial gain. We are a group of individuals with a common goal! We want the ability to have fast internet access!

All you need to do is register your interest!! There is No cost involved!! Many Thanks! If you also have any time to leaflet drop please let us know!! Or if you want to get more involved, you are more than welcome!!

Ian Salmon (01273-890747) & Nick (01273-401231) also at www.allgardens.net/broadband.htm

The graphs below are automatically updated regularly so show an accurate record hopefully!!

Tracker Data for Plumpton
Tracker Data for Barcombe


A few comments so far received

Our business is right opposite Chailey Comprehensive school, which has Broadband like all schools now have. They are on the same Plumpton exchange and come off the same telegraph pole. But we cannot get Broad band. Can anyone suggest an answer...

I have checked ADSL availability in your area. At the moment ADSL is unavailable on your exchange. I assume (but do not know) that the school is on the same telephone exchange. So this is a mystery! Check with the school to find exactly what service they have (is it ADSL?).
If you wish to sign up for Broadband when it becomes available, I can pre-register your name & inform you when the service is about to become active. This should reasonably soon!
Pre-registering does not obligate you to anything, it simply registers interest. When enough interest is shown BT enable the exchange.
Aardvark IT resell EntaNet high performance products, ideal for small business. Compare Internet Service Provider performance at: http://www.adslguide.org.uk/isps/compare.asp & http://www.webperf.net/ .

regards Alun.

Hello Ian, (This is in regards "us "in Chailey and Plumpton being able to join the Devils Dyke Broadband network!)

I have now looked into this wireless link more detail. I am 100% that in this case it will not work as there is no LOS (line of sight).

1. At the Dyke there is a clump of trees which will block the signal in your direction.
2. You are directly the other side of Clayton Hill and Ditchling Beacon, which is the highest point on the South Downs and therefore higher than both ends of the link.
3. 13.8km Will require the largest 24dB antennas at both ends of the link.
4. I currently connect from a distance of only 14.2km, I have LOS, and use a 24dB gain antenna at my end, but still have a few drop outs in bad weather, and also in this "very hot weather".

Have you looked into a wireless link into Lewes or West Ringmer ? I could put you in touch with like minded people to your South in the Lewes and Barcombe area who you would stand a better chance of getting a good connection from. I think this is more of an option as it is only 3.7km to 8.2km from your location. We at Devilsdyke.net would be willing to help you design and install a link if you could find a suitable site to host an ADSL line for you.


If you live in view of Devils Dyke you may be able to receive broadband through their wireless network!!

click here to view the  Devils  Dyke project


Messages of support, advice and further information below!!

Mail drop in Cooksbridge today by Jessie & Brook


100 leaflets dropped yesterday in S Chailey along A275 - Whitegates, Hornbuckles, Swan Close, Appledene etc - about another 50 to get out to Kilnwood Lane and the area up to the Brickworks either today or tomorrow



The BT Wholesale website has been updated today (Monday 29th, first working
day after Christmas). The link shows that around
30 more exchanges have been allocated "Active/Ready for Service" dates in

The allocation of these dates is curious, to say the least. There are 19 in
February, only 4 in March and 32 in April! But assuming that BT are not
overly optimistic and that the exchanges are upgraded in the order shown, it
seems likely that Plumpton (25th in the "Not Set" list) could be active as
early as May.

In addition, Wivelsfield Green, which achieved its trigger level in late
November, has been allocated 28th April. I can't see why BT would treat
Plumpton or Barcombe any differently.

We can keep up the pressure by keeping the registrations coming in...


It is good news for Plumpton and I hope the Barcombe trigger is reached
soon. We now need to pressurise BT into providing a service and not just
reviewing the matter and not acting, as they have done in some other places.
For information we are still, in parallel to this campaign, still examining
the possibility of wireless broadband for Plumpton.

Happy New Year !


I return from holiday at the weekend (3rd), and could drop some leaflets in Cooksbridge on Sunday if someone could print them for me.

Let me know.

Best wishes,


Hi All
Congratulations to Plumpton !

Barcombe still need 28 more registrations - does anyone need any help with printing or leaflet drops ?

Has anyone leafleted around the Cooksbridge Station area ? - I put a flyer up at the pub there a coupleof months ago - they are on the Barcome exchange too

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to raise the last few registrations ?

Best wishes for a great New Year

Nick Webber
01273 401231

29/12/03 now cocentrating again on Barcombe!..Ian, I'll run off 100 leaflets or so and get those out today/tomorrow to Hornbuckles, Swan Close etc

Looking good!




And then later on Saturday, we've made it! I guess the leaflet campaign was a success, also thanks to my wife and son finishing the east side of the Station Road on the 23rd. The numbers jumped very dramatically between then and now. Plumpton shot up the top ten while the others didn't move over Christmas. Perfect timing with everyone at home!!. We were tackled by 2 people who were glad that someone (else?) had got such a campaign going! We all had these same comments!! Ian

I only had 8 forms returned to me so there were many more who registered for themselves. Do you know how many went through southchailey.wewantbroadband.co.uk? We do not have access to how many went direct.... but I do know a tremendous number came through our joint campaigns! Well Done to ALL!! Ian

Now we have to wait for BT to set a date for the upgrade. July or August, perhaps. I don't suppose we'll know until early in the New Year.

Gareth Prosser


I managed to get one my friends in plumpton to finally register - that was number 246...

Just one more as I write this!!!

My question is though, BT. How long will it take them to come round and upgrade our exchange? Several months? Hopefully 3-4 months! Ian

Christophe Lennard

saw your note through the door too. That is a great help.
We should be up to the 250 by end of Jan if not before.
The question is still what BT will actually do then.......
In the meantime, as you know from Bob Gilchrist, we
are still looking at the possibility of wireless broadband.



Just to congratulate you on your good work in getting broadband in our area.

I myself was the individual who delivered over 400 flyers based on the BT official one in Plumpton back in April this year and only garnered 20 registrations as a result...your marvellous efforts have really put me in the shade.

I have been watching this past month in delight as we get nearer to our trigger level. 238 as I write this, im sure we will reach 250 soon.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks.

Chris Lennard


I am afraid that I seriously doubt whether the Plumpton exchange will be enabled for broadband in the foreseeable future. The fact that a "trigger level" has been set is not of itself significant. BT has no commitment to do anything other than to "review" when trigger levels have been met. It had previously declared the Plumpton exchange (and many similar rural exchanges) as "unviable". BT switched from "unviable" to "review when trigger levels have been met" after a barrage of complaints to Oftel.

For these reasons, we have been working on the setting-up of a WiFi radio network in Plumpton (and its surrounds). We are well advanced in this, and it is in fact under test right now, with the internet gateway provided by a BT fibre optic cable with an uncontended bandwidth of 2Mbits/sec in Plumpton.

We intend to offer a 512kb/512kb service at similar rental cost to wired broadband, with the benefits of wireless access and symmetrical bandwidth (same speed up and down, whereas ADSL has a much slower uplink).

Of course, I may be wrong about BT, but I am putting my money where my mouth is! :-)

If you are interested in developments, let me know and I will keep you posted. If you can give me the postcode of the property where service is desired, it will help with planning. Please Bob keep us in touch, I will post here any news you wish to send on! Ian


Bob Gilchrist


Thanks Ian – All done, I’ve registered. I’ll pass the word around locally. Janet Thanks Janet, a few names were just added!! Ian


Already registered all our lines! Keep up the good work as we really want it too. I am constantly harassing people to register.
John (From Gumtree Enterprises) Thank You John!!Ian


Hi just to let you know this has been posted at the railway station in
Plumpton and seems to be getting interest 11/12/2003 Thank You! Ian

Hi Ian

I just been reading the comments on your Broadband page. It seems the
interest continues to grow so with Christmas coming and our trigger
level set at last, there must be a good chance of getting to 250 early
in the New Year.

The big question then is; how long will BT take to schedule and then do
the work? Given the release of so many trigger levels, I think we are
in a race to get BT's attention. We need to get to the trigger before
the rest of the local exchanges to get ourselves in pole position.

Are you planning a leaflet drop before Christmas? If so, please let me
know. I'm in Plumpton Green and I'd be more than pleased to cover any
part of the area or help in any other way.

This is my work email address but you can also get me on


Gareth Prosser


Message from John Anderson East Chiltington Parish Council...Thanks John!

Dear Ian,
In our recent Village Action Plan Survey, we asked 39 key questions (results yet to be published), the following may be of interest.
Question 17.
" Do you think that BT should offer a Broadband service to its customers in East Chiltington?"
Yes - 138
No - 15
Dont Know - 76
Total 229 residents responded. We are all 890 prefix numbers Plumpton.
I have all documentary evidence to support.
I hope this is helpful.
John Anderson


Dear Ian,

I was absolutely delighted to receive your circular and have registered. I am also incandescent to learn the school has broadband but we have not. Because I cannot get broadband at home I have to go into the office in Haywards Heath every weekend (like now) to work. With broadband I can establish a usable link with my office network, which would be fantastic.I am sure our neighbours would also be very interested.

Thank you for taking the initiative in this matter.

Kind regards,

Nigel Welby

Yokehurst Farm


I have put a page up at www.plumptonbb.freeuk.com showing the information included in your first attachment, and have, as you will see, also included 2 graphs from the ADSL Guide website to show the current numbers, and percentage of trigger, of pre-registrations so far. I'll get details onto as many search engines I can as quickly as possible.

I'll keep looking for websites that might agree to carry a notice about the campaign, and will contact Lewes District Council, and East Sussex County Council to see what their plans are for publicising rural broadband in general now that most of the remaining exchanges have been given triggers..


Ian, sorry for delay in replying, am still pretty busy on a project but could do a drop over Xmas period - Whitegates, Hornbuckles, Swan Close, Kilnwood Lane etc.

Are you popping the 'Your village needs help' mailer through letterboxes or doing a door-knock?



Hi Ian,
I too have shouted since the early days that we need broadband. I write
software for a company in Crawley and almost daily have to send them quite
big files. I can do this down the phone-line with PC anywhere, but this runs
up large phone bills. Or I can email it to them which costs me nothing
(above my internet anytime rental) but takes forever.
I must have registered about 6 times, but I know it makes no difference
because they correlate all enquiries so that it only counts as one! However
I used to be told that even if Barcombe were upgraded we would still be too
far from the exchange (over 2 km) (Kilnwood Lane).
Anyway count me as an ally in this alongside Roger Munt who passed me your
email address.
If there is any way in which I can help, send me an email.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hi Ian,

At last they've set the trigger level for South Chailey. It's a pity
that they've set it so high as it'll be a couple of years at this rate
before we finally reach the target. However, it does give us something
to aim for.

There are several people who are interested in getting broadband for
Chailey, most of whom work from home. Have you met up with Nick Webber
who is the BT registered 'champion'? Nick has put up several posters,
notably in the shop and the Horns Lodge. Also Nicholas Pope who lives
in Barcome.

I guess we now have to do some legwork on behalf of BT and get the extra
160 registrations. My issue is that I don't really know that many
people in Chailey. I would think that we need to get the local parish
council involved as they are likely to have a good range of contacts who
might have suggestions for getting people mobilised.

From other conversations, the key seems to be getting the school
involved. We need to plan and execute some form of publicity campaign
centred around the school and its activities. As ever, all of us are
rather short of time to do the leg work.

I suppose we should all get together for a drink sometime in the near
future and thrash out our strategy and tactics.



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Simply and fill in your details, we will register your interest with BT and keep you informed of developments.

To discuss your Broadband requirements, simply call us on the number below or
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