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Garden Design, Sandy Lane, Cobham, Surrey- Oct/Nov/Dec 2011

These works were started in late October 2011 by our landscape gardeners. Ian first visited the garden in the Autumn to discuss possible paving and walling options. The original upper garden was hardly used, it needed about 20 grab loads of soil away.

When Ian viewed the garden was as below:-

The retaining wall imposed so much

You felt trapped in the house!


The idea being to open up the garden, to use the full garden and give a far more welcoming feel to the property! There will be ample space for play and for a Marquee!

This was a major project, it involved 20 grab loads of debris away.. We were working in quite a tight space. The rear garden is reached by a narrow path and to keep access available for large delivery vehicles involved a lot of planning!

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Landscaping tips from an impartial paving expert please CLICK HERE courtesy of


Much had to be cleared

Our little Hanix was put to work!

Peter cleared to make space

Still a lot to do!

We hired in a larger digger & dumper!

We used grab lorries to remove

Gradually eating into the bank

Saving the top soil

View from the dumper!

Peter on the digger

Ian on the dumper

How many journeys?

So much to excavate

Almost dug out!

Yes we did stop for regular tea!

Wow! A Rainbow!

MixaMate has arrived..

Dumper used to cart to rear

Patio concrete base laid

Wall footings poured!

First row of concrete blocks laid...

Dumper helps cart!

Mixing.. mixing.. mixing!

So much Blockwork needed!

FLB bricks have arrived!

Peter continues!

Rear Blockwork rising!

Dumper used for the bricks as well!!

New soakaway has been created!

Walling continues!

Looking Good!

Still rising every day!

A few more packs of bricks needed!

Walling looking really good!

Low wall now to rear garden!

Final section of walling to complete!

Peter slopes down the wall!

Small simple steps!

Paving waiting!

Patio has been started!

Paving is neatly wrapped in transit!

Granite single size paving!

Main area laid!

Cuts to infill the return!

Large patio almost complete!

Soon will be finished!

Grading out to do, pointing done!

Final fire to clear the old pallets!

Rolawn Turf have arrived!

Turf immediately laid!

Paving washed with acid!

All looks good!

Side path!

We will be back to complete some fencing shortly.

These works have made such a change to the garden. The property has gained so much extra space. A true Outdoor Room has been created

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