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Now its October 2017! Yes its 2 years since I wrote on here! Yes always busy! We have just finished a garden project in Henfield and previous to that we were in Cooksbridge and Wivelsfield Green.This year we have completed 2 large projects in Tonbridge and another at Climping near Littlehampton. Yes we get around! I keep saying I must get more pics up to make this old site more user friendly!

Now February 2015 and we just completed a path and patio in Kings Ride in Burgess Hill using some Camel Raj paving. Previous to that we were in Chailey completing a drive extension using X-grid recycled grids filled with gravel.They are great as filled with shingle they are free draining and local authorities are happy. Also customers are happy as the gravel stays put. Quite an ideal driveway medium. I will get some pics up on that job. Previous to that drive we completed a lovely deck and steps in Haywards Heath. Before Christmas in 2014 we were in Uckfield ona patio and retaining wall.

Is it really October 2014 already!! Customers have mentioned that we havent put any recent jobs up! Oops! Yes just been working in Brighton, Uckield, Large one in Haywards Heath. Yes, very busy! I must spend more time in the office.

Was A difficult decision to lapse our Checkatrade membership! We did pick up a few new enquiries every year from them. We regularly had full marks! But most new enquiries come by word of mouth, so could we justify the several hundred £ a year costs! Time will tell! We had also lapsed previosly our Federation of Master Builders membership. Our workmanship is our recomendation! Feel free to ask to visit any of our completed projects!

Yes its now late September 2013! I haven't put up any pics for a while. Work has been very busy since the recession. Peter and myself have completed works all over Sussex, Surrey and even Kent. Hopefully soon I will find a day or 2 to get a few recent projects online! Apologies! I am also with the help of Jake redesigning the whole site.

We finished a lovely Tobermore Shannon block driveway in Newick in late September 2012.A Link to this job is here

What a wet summer we have been having in 2012! Back in the late spring we had a glorious patch. We were fortunate to be working in Waldron near Heathfield creating a wonderful patio and a very long simple pergola to a design by Juliet Sergeant.

Previous to this we were in East Grinstead at Farm Close we had a very difficult preparation, lots of walling and a large new patio.

Christmas 2011 is nearly with us. For the past 6 weeks we have been working near Cobham in Surrey. Yes a good hour plus drive for us, but we had lovely sandy soil. Pics will go up very soon

Previously Peter and Ian have been working on numerous Mid Sussex works

March 2011... yes we are so busy that i am not finding the time to put any pics up! However i took my sat pm to put up last weeks project in Hurstpierpoint. I have other completed project photos on file. So I hope to get some here soon!!

September 2010, Latest projects by Peter have been a block driveway in Cuckfield.... A major set of brick steps in Hove, a major terrace project in Moulsecomb,several Indian stone patios, much walling and a few seeding projects. This year we have kept our team small, we had to reinvent ourselves after the recession hit us hard. A lot of the larger projects probaly paid for by previous city bonuses just disappeared. Our works now are more essential projects. It was sad to lose our yard and most of our vehicles. However we now are leaner and fitter. We can respond quicker and our quality can be kept high with our overheads far more manageable,

October 2009, It was good to be back in Wivelsfield Green. Clearing, a large tree protection and planting. Next is a large patio in East Chiltington, then paving in Cuckfield, turfing in Burgess Hill, Large drive in Haywards Heath, then probably back to East Grinstead.

September 2009, completing many smaller projects in Cuckfield, Hassocks, Lewes, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill,Plumpton Green and Isfield. We completed a good sized patio area using Raj paving in Horsted Keynes. Many have been for past customers. Its good to go back and visit past gardens we have worked in to see the matured original projects. The economy is still weak, the last 6 months have been very busy, however at a cost. Profit margins are incredibly tight as material costs keep rising, but we have kept our prices stable.Most of our works are in the Sussex area which has been hard hit by the city problems. The knock on has been that many of our works have been much smaller.

April 2009.Having just completed a Rill at Clinton Lodge, we returned to Ditchling for a couple of days and then onto Lewes for a whole small rear garden project. Next is a complete revamp of a back garden in Cuckfield. Followed by a patio in Plumpton and works in Newick. We are seeing several new jobs a week again now! Are there signs that the recession is lifting? Incidentally, it is with regret that we will not be renewing our FMB membership. We have been members of the FMB for many many years and respect their goals. However our fees to them are over £400 a year and it is difficult to justify these costs in the current economic climate. As of today we have tried to remove the FMB logo from all our web pages, publicity and stationary.We apologize if we have missed any!!

March 2009. Spring is in the air!! We are seeing several new exiting projects! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to input ideas and estimate! Times are difficult in the landscaping world. Fortunately we have excellent skilled experienced staff and we are able to offer a realistic price! Our men do not cut corners. I must admit I have seen 3 gardens recently where the potential clients have used other firms with great ideas but without the skill to complete the works properly.It is essential for the works to be completed tidily in a professional manner!! Good workmanship is essential...As for our recent enquiries...many are quite a distance! But Mid Sussex is our main area... however we can be tempted to stray a little! ....During the past month our two main projects have been a complete rear and front revamp of a garden in Three Oaks near Battle and the project for the excellent Garden Designer Julian Treyer-Evans in Fletching.

Jan 2009. What a wet month so far! Not only with the recession affecting supply of materials plus customers putting works on ice... the weather has not been kind to outdoor works either! We have been working on a few small projects. One in Hove followed by return works in Keymer. It was good to return to Keymer to see a job we had completed for Hilary Ivey a couple of years ago! Soon we will be completing an interesting job for another designer we enjoy working with.... Julian Treyer-Evans. These works will be at a beautiful garden in Fletching called Clinton Lodge which is open to the public by Lady Collum.

Christmas 2008. We have just finished a patio area in Hassocks with 2 nice sets of steps and over the Christmas period will be over near Dyke Rd in Brighton on a small project. Our previous works were in Sompting completing a whole back garden...

As for the new year 2009 our bookings are quite quiet at the moment. We are still seeing new projects but with a recession looming obviously everyone is feeling the pinch! This obviously is a good time to get works completed quickly. Peter and Barry can fit in quite rapidly if you require. Ian works all over Christmas so if you need a quick visit or bounce around a few ideas... feel free to email/phone or text.

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Link to Tony's excellent site

Click Here to visit to visit Tony Mc Cormacs excellent hard landscaping site!

Tony has an excellent site, full of construction tips and links. We tend to speak the same language! It is a refreshing site to read!

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I have put up some photos of our works in 2008!!! Sorry that they are not complete start to finish selections! I must find more time!

Now November 2007, Just been back to Park Crescent in Brighton. Nice garden at a Grade2* property. All had to be in keeping. Managed to take a series of photos. Peter, Simon & Barry worked as a team here.... Now moved onto to Hurstpierpoint. Next jobs are Wivelsfield Green and Loxwood near Horsham to take us up to Christmas...





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Time passes quickly when you are busy! Now August 2007, Peter & Wes are working on a project at Borde Hill, After completing a large project in Portland Road, East Grinstead.Simon and Barry have been working on numerous jobs in Crawley, Hurstpierpoint, Keymer, Burwash and Haywards Heath. I will try and get more pics up!!! I do keep trying ........I have just been trying to revamp a few of our past diary projects pages. A very good one to look at is our Balcombe Rd project from 2003 in Haywards Heath.... yes I need more time!

Now end of Jan 2007. We are working in East Grinstead and Cuckfield. I am going to start putting up some pics again!! Customers and staff requesting!! Follow the links! If you want to meet our staff... I will get new pics up soon! I promise!

As 2006 drifts into 2007, seasons change! We work Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. All year round our team are out there creating gardens... I am not spending so much time on the web nowadays... putting up photos! It is very time consuming...But if you follow the links below you should find numerous projects to view!!

Spring is on its way! Today our men are working on a natural stream in Newick, terracing the rear garden. A swimming pool was being filled in last week! A few small patios and terraces have been created! A scree garden... crushed slate... We recently completed a disabled access garden again in Newick with walkways and a patio. A lot of clearance work! Several customers moved house over Christmas so we had dog proof fencing to erect.... tidying ... many varied tasks!! For the next few weeks we have booked a few complete gardens....


It will soon be Christmas 2005!

We are still at it! With lack of time I am not putting up so many photos as before!! We will put up a few on the projects page unless customers specifically request us to post in this diary!!

Over the winter months we have reduced staffing to our main full timers of Peter, Chris, Will & Neil.

Latest works were in Hassocks, Hove, Brighton, Haywards Heath, Barcombe and Burgess Hill

Peter,Will & Tom were on a decent sized project in Goddards Green. A large pond and large patio. Chris & Neil are on a complete rear garden project in Hove.. I really must get a few more pictures up!! Thanks to the customers in Fonthill Road a full record of this project is now available here!

Nearly June 2005!

Time flies! Very little time to update this diary at the moment. This season is slightly unusual! We have numerous smaller jobs to complete.. no time, piles of estimates on the desk to do! Musn't complain!! I will try and get a few of our recent jobs up here soon.At the moment we are in Cuckfield, Haywards Heath and Hassocks.

Now mid May,

We completed a lovely job in Brunswick Square in Hove, a large turfing in Withdean Road, Brighton.. along with numerour other turfing and paving projects. Currently working in Barcombe near the Parish Church and in Wickham Hill, Hurstpierpoint

Now mid March,

Peter & Tom are up in Bluntswood Road, Haywards Heath terracing a garden. A good 30-40m³ had to be dug out! New steps, a lot of walling and a large patio to complete. Will & Neil are in Montefiore Rd in Hove on a complete back garden. Chris is off for 2/3 weeks paternity leave. Congratulations to both Chris & his wife on their first baby boy!


Beginning of Feb!

Peter,Will, Marc & Tom are beavering away at Burgess Hill in Keymer Rd. Chris & Neil are almost done in Wickham Hill, Hurstpierpoint. Just been talking with a very useful man Simon Watkins who is a flint walling specialist! I so often get asked for such a person! You can find him now in our directory!

Now Mid January!

Peter & Tom having completed a paving project in East View Fields, Plumpton Green have now moved over to a whole garden project in Keymer Road, Burgess Hill. A few of the recent works in The Droveway Haywards Heath, North Bank Hassocks, East View Fields Plumpton Green and Billingshurst without individual pages are shown here.Chris & Neil and are now on a new job in Wickham Hill, Hurstpierpoint.Will is out and about as is Marc completing a few smaller works

Christmas Eve as I write this!!

Seasonal greetings to one and and all. We are trying to tidy up today for the Christmas break. Peter & Tom have a little to finish in The Droveway, Haywards Heath whilst Chris & Neil are in Bonneywood Rd, Hassocks. Both jobs need a few days after Christmas to complete.Both were using real stone flags.


30th Nov

All our men have been completing lots of smaller works! There was a large turfing in Billingshurst, a very interesting bridge and walkway over a stream in Hassocks, several fencing & small turfing projects! An insurance job as a car decided to broadside a wall! A drive extension....lots of interesting projects!

1st Nov

All our men for the past 2-3 weeks have been completing smaller projects. Drive extension here, fence repair there! A small Indian paved drive in Vale Rd. We are about to start a fair sized turfing in Billingshurst. Then we have a few whole rear gardens planned.

6th Oct

Peter and Tom are away from Vallance Gardens for a few days fitting in a few small works. Will again is completing several smaller projects, a small drive in Hove, fencing in Hangleton... Chris and Neil are finishing Wyberlye rd, Burgess Hill next week!

8th Sept

Well work progresses smoothly! Peter, Will and a new addition to our workforce Tom are in Vallance Gardens, Hove. Chris & Neil have just finished a small job in East End Lane, Ditchling and about to move on to a large job in Wyberlye Rd, Burgess Hill. Marc unfortunately has been off for a few weeks! We hope he will be back soon! As for grand daughter! All is well. Baby now home and been to the beach 3 times already! I believe! Jodie should be back in the office shortly to get us all back in order! Our Morgan has also left for her travels to Australia.News and photos from downunder can be found here

18th August

Life is always so hectic! 2nd eldest daughter gave birth to my first grandchild 3 days ago 7 weeks early! Anyone wanting to coo at some newborn baby photos click here! Peter,Will and Doug are in Sherwood Drive in Haywards Heath doing a rear garden whilst Chris and Neil are at the other end of the road completing a complete rear garden! Pictures of both these works will appear soon! Peter soon will be off to Hove to complete a whole rear garden for Hilary Ivey

21st July,

I have just got back from a short family holiday and so must now rapidly try and get these pages back together! Peter is now in Lucastes Lane on an Indian drive. Chris is in Grand Ave on a slate patio, whilst Will has just completed a whole garden in Princes Rd Brighton, plus remedial works for the British Legion in Hassocks

19th June,

Peter and Marc have left Horsted Keynes as we wait for a change to the front garden design. This garden plan was extended somewhat during the works! Wrought ironwork being completed at the moment! The conservatory has been finished at Silverdale Rd and so Peter is laying the paving. Next will be Ashenground Rd followed with a large drive in Lucastes. Will (in between moving houses!) is in Princes Rd, Brighton on a whole rear garden. Chris & Neil have been completing several smaller projects, the latest in Hangleton. Next week we have a scree area and a york flagged terrace in Brighton to start. We have a new man in the team Jezz, welcome Jezz! He has joined us on the softer side and hopefully will be found on many of the smaller projects!

24th May,

Time passes so quickly when the sun shines! I have to be out so many evenings estimating that I struggle updating this site. Sorry!! Peter & Marc are well underway in Horsted Keynes, their next project is in Ashenground Road. Chris & Neil are in Lillywhite Close, Burgess Hill. They have a few small projects to fit in after. Will has been completing a few small projects and is due to start a complete back garden in Princes Road, Brighton today...I had only just written this when I had a phone call from Will. Unfortunately he will be out of action for maybe a week, he can hardly walk! Poor fellow!! We wish him a speedy recovery. Oh dear this will create us another backlog of work!! Apologies to all if it effects you! Incidentally I have this week end just advertised for an extra labourer to assist on the physical side! Applicants welcomed!

3rd May

Peter & Marc are continuing with their complete garden project in Horsted Keynes. Chris & Neil just have the pointing to do at East Grinstead, their next job is a pond repair in Warninglid. Will is decking in Ditchling. Tim has numerous turfing jobs to complete!


28th April

Peter & Tim are in Horsted Keynes,on their complete garden renovation project. Will has been with Peter and also with me on A rockery in Ditchling plus numerous smaller works with Marc. Chris and Neil are nearly finished on their rear garden project in East Grinstead

8th April

Easter break! Chris & Neil just about done at Staplefield, they return to East Grinstead on Tuesday. Peter has finished the first stage of fencing at Horsted Keynes. He is now off for a well earnt weeks holiday! Will has been turfing, whilst Marc has been planting, mowing....


6th April

With a few days almost dry weather Chris and Neil were able to return to their stream. Almost finished! Well worth a browse! Peter and Neil are busy closeboarding fencing whilst Marc has been clearing and planting!

25th March

Chris, Neil & Tim have had to leave their stream works at Cuckfield until the weather improves! We have had so much rain,springs are filling almost as fast as we can pump out! They have moved onto a paving and timber raised bed job in East Grinstead. Peter and Will continue at The Oaks and Marc is out hedgecutting plus preparing a few gardens for the Spring! Next week Peter will be moving onto a reasonable sized project in Horsted Keynes. Initial photos and the design are now available.New job at Lillywhite Close, Burgess Hill also starting soon.

20th March

Peter and Will have finished their initial works at Silverdale Road and are due to start their next paving project at The Oaks in Burgess Hill On Mon 22nd

16th March,

Peter and Will have moved onto a new job at Silverdale Road, Burgess Hill to prepare the ground for a Portland conservatory. We are ripping out the old patio and putting a sub base down. We will be returning after the conservatory has been built to pave using random sized stone flags. Hangleton will be finished on the next dry day! Chris and Neil continue with the stream and pondworks near Cuckfield

10th March,

Peter,Will and Marc are progressing rapidly down in Hangleton. All the paving rockery and turf arrived together! Whoops! Chris & Neil are on the Cuckfield/Staplefield border renovating a stream and a couple of ponds using reinforced concrete littered with stone

5th March.

Time is flying by! Peter and Will have finished their impressive works in Haywards Road and now are on a complete rear garden job down in Hangleton. There is a lot of ground shifting to do there! Chris and Neil are completing a major refurbishment to an impressive stream joining 2 ponds in Staplefield. Their last job was a real stone set drive in Cuckfield.

19th Feb,

Time passing rapidly! Peter,Will and Marc have almost completed with the Indian stone driveway,closeboard fencing,patio and rear turfed area in Haywards Road. Chris and Neil in the past couple of weeks completed several smaller jobs. Some decking in Worthing, repointed a patio in The Hollow, relined a pond in reinforced water proofed concrete in Barrington Wood,laid a small patio in Gatesmead and now on a stone set paved drive in Cuckfield. On the smaller works it is difficult to keep up with the photos! Sorry!!

29th Jan,

Peter and Will have now started a new job in Haywards Road, Haywards Heath. Chris and Neil have finished their previous job further up the road and have moved onto Broad Street, Cuckfield. Photos of these new works are now available. Marc is preparing beds and turfing in the snow at South Chailey!!

25th Jan

As some of you may have noticed, this site is gradually being transformed! I have decided to evolve steadily rather than wait and change all in one hit! I would like your comments! Every page will eventually have the same format...but this will take time. My apolgies if there are a few hiccups enroute. As for our works I will try and update as I can...Incidentally the weather now has its own page.

20th Jan

I know we need the rain, but we have had quite a lot in the last few weeks and it has slowed us down a little! Apologies to those customers wanting the smaller jobs fitted in. It has been a little difficult to plan. I will get the latest photos up soon of our works. Peter has been on a new job at Swan Court, Chris has been completing Haywards Rd and Will has been at Gravelye Lane.


8th Jan,

Apologies I forgot some were following my ramble about getting another small digger. I just had a message from Gunn Jcb asking how we found the Hannix. To be fair we have not really been able to test both fairly. The Jcb micro had a problem, shot a hose and had to be returned. The Jcb was a lot more powerful, heavier and perhaps not so stable or nimble. The Hannix arrived only just before Christmas and we only used for part of a day and it has sat in our yard ever since! Most of our men prefer the Hannix as it is what we are used to! Its more balanced and nimbly can climb a pile of debris, sit on top and load barrows or whatever. The Jcb does have considerably superior power for grubbing out and grading but can we justify spending an extra 2000 for the Jcb! At the moment I think the Hannix for our varied smaller works is probably the best deal, but we do really need a bigger more powerful machine for our larger works in the not too distant future...

5th Jan 2004

Peter & Will have just started a new project in Meadow Drive, Lindfield. They will be assisted by Tim. Photos will follow tonight. Marc is planting, turfing and completing several smaler projects. Chris & Neil are continuing at Haywards Rd.

Now 1st Jan 2004.

A Happy New Year to one and all! We managed to finish the Rumblestone block paved drive in Windsor Road, Worthing on the 30th. Turfing was completed at Summerhill Grange and on a couple of other small jobs. Chris & Neil have managed to get more of the paving down at Haywards Road, Haywards Heath. The flu bug hit us hard just before Christmas! Hopefully we will be back to full strength on the 5th when most of our men start back.

18th December,

Christmas next week!! Yesterday we just started a new Rumblestone block paved drive at Windsor Rd, Worthing. We are awaiting the Rolawn turf to finish Summerhill Grange.Two of our senior men are off with flu at the moment! Another has been struggling for days!! It is that time of year!! Chris and Neil are progressing well at Haywards Rd, Haywards Heath. Will has The Close still to finish, Marc is fitting in numerous turfing, clearance, hedgecutting & planting works.


8th December,

All progressing fairly smoothly. Winter is setting in, cold frosts at night! At the moment pondering over buying another mini digger. We have had a very good little Hanix H08A for the past 4-5yrs, considering getting the newer version of one of these or a micro JCB. Is there anyone reading this who can offer any impartial advice?!!! Now completed the main works at Balcombe Road.

Following the last comments 3 national JCB dealers and 1 Hanix dealer have been in touch! Interestingly all the JCB dealers are offering the same price of £10,800 + Vat, one maybe can sell us a demonstrator for £500 off. We managed to get a JCB micro out as a demo and unfortunately one of the hydraulic hoses was too short and was hanging off and one of the control levers was so stiff that the agent had to pick up from our site! It appeared a good sturdy machine, but it obviously has its problems. Our old little hanix had to finish the job off! Next week we have been offered a demo of the HO8B, so we will give it a go! The Hanix agent does seem to have more of a negotiating stance on the price!! I will keep you posted as to what we buy and you will see it in use on our diary pages!! Ian


3rd Dec 2003,

Will started a new small project today at The Close in Hassocks, whilst Chris & Neil are continuing with a new project they started in Haywards Road, Haywards Heath last week. Peter is making the final touches to Balcombe Road before moving along the road to Summerhill Grange.Tim is completing a turfing project started by Will for John Bodsworth, a local very good builder. Please click on any of the projects to view regularly updated photos. With the very wet weather and dark evenings photos are a little more difficult to take!!!


24th Nov,

We actually had a dry day so most of the men went over to assist Peter with the pointing of his drive! Will & Richard completed a small scree garden for East Chiltington Forge and then started another in Haywards Heath.


19th Nov,

Very mild, but damp at the moment! Peter has almost finished paving at Balcombe Road. Several days of pointing and all the turfing and beds to sort! Chris has finished the main drive and rear paving at Staplefield. Now the low stone walls and steps to sort, only a few days remain there. Will has just completed a small job in Sayers Common and has fitted in a few small part and full day jobs.


6th Nov,

After a few wet days the sun has returned! Colder by the weekend?? Chris is getting on with his paved frontage at Staplefield, Peter is well underway now paving his driveway on the Balcombe Road, whilst Will has the pointing to finish at Park Avenue, Hassocks. Richard is turfing! We are planning our next two major works in Haywards Road & Summerhill Grange. Our next 2 smaller projects are in Sayers Common (next week) and Broad Street, Cuckfield (the week after!)

28th Oct

We are having a cold snap at the moment! Lots of frosts at night, thick mists in the morning, glorious sunshine during the day. Heavy rain expected soon!! Tim & Marc were pressure washing a patio and leaf sweeping yesterday! Today and tomorrow hedgecutting! Will & Richard started a driveway extension in Park Avenue, Hassocks. Chris & Neil finished their pointing and have now started their driveway at Staplefield. Peter is on holiday!!

25th Oct

Will is finishing off today at Swan Close, ready to start Park Avenue on Monday with Richard. Peter is off for a weeks holiday so Tim & Marc will be catching up on a few small projects! Pressure cleaning patios, a few hedge cuts.... while Chris & Neil continue their Staplefield project


16th Oct

Peter, Tim & Marc are making excellent progress at Balcombe Rd, Chris & Neil are well underway at Staplefield Rd and Will is progressing well at Swan Close. We have over a full lorry load of Indian stone on its way down for these larger projects. As for our truck saga. I must put in writing how efficient Highway Insurance has been. I have now received the cheque to cover our loss on 23/09/03. In under a month! I thought that was good going!

7th Oct,

It rained today but Chris & Neil managed to finish their works at Horney Common whilst Peter and his merry men finished Maresfield (apart from a truck load of debris to remove tomorrow!) Chris and Neil have moved to a small job at Woodbridge Close, Haywards Heath whilst Peter & his team have moved onto Balcombe Rd , Haywards Heath. Chris on completion will be starting his next major project on the outskirts of Staplefield. Will continues at Swan Close


6th Oct,

As from today I will be trying to follow Wills jobs as well in this diary. Today he started at Swan Close in South Chailey. Peter is finishing off at Maresfield and Chris is almost complete at Horney Common

1st Oct

Sincere apologies to all of you trying to look at the diary today. I gather our server had major problems and a lot of the recent additions just disappeared. Now up and running on back ups but some may not be up to date. Sorry! Beyond my control. I will upload what I find missing. Thank you to those of you who let me know of the problems today!

29th Sept

With many of you reading this now I will have to be careful how I plan our works!! So much has to be in a state of flux! I have to fit to weather, mens health, availability of materials, vehicles.... Also not all works are shown in this diary. We often fit in smaller works. Up until now I have been listing generally only 2 projects on the go at any time. From next week I will try and follow 3! As regards the next few jobs... Chris will be finishing Horney Common this week and moving onto a small job at Woodbridge Close Haywards Heath before starting his next large project near Staplefield. Peter will next week be finishing Maresfield and is moving on to his next large project in Balcombe Rd, Haywards Heath. Will should be at Swan Close hopefully next week followed by Park Avenue Hassocks. We have several smaller gardens to follow plus large ones for Chris or Peter to move onto. The next major works planned after Balcombe Rd or Staplefield will be in Haywards Rd, Haywards Heath plus another complete rear garden in Summerhill Grange, hopefully to finish by Christmas! Weather always proves interesting at this time of year! It can be very mild, but we have to adjust and protect our work accordingly!


26th Sept

Trying to plan ahead with 1 truck down! Perhaps for the time being I will get a tipping trailer from B&B trailers at Fletching!! Our next 2 new works will be at Swan Close in Chailey and then Park Avenue, Hassocks. Swan Close should start around 6th Oct with Hassocks following after..Plans for these will appear here soon. Also next week we are on a planting job at Pease Pottage. This is at a small upmarket business complex that we maintain.

25th Sept

Still no news on our missing truck! I have now to search for another! Very difficult finding a half decent small tipper truck!! Chris & Neil are now well underway at Horney Common, Nutley. Photos have started appearing here. A hole was cut in the perimeter fencing on the Tidys Industrial Estate to allow the truck to be removed. We are still waiting to see if the CCTV cameras installed give the Police any evidence. Now our Insurers tell us we have lost our NCD even though it was under the supposed lock and key of RMV Gumtree Motors. The garage however claim that as they were awaiting parts and they had no labour available to fix, that it was my responsibility!! Even though they had the key! Anyway, back to the landscaping.....


23rd Sept

I bought a very good replacement tipper truck a couple of weeks ago and it was due to begin works this wed 24th. It was stolen today from outside RMV Gumtree Motors in Burgess Hill. You could say I feel a little frustrated!! I had sold a couple of our old cabstars and this was planned to replace them!! Trouble is, it looked a very good tidy truck! Someone else obviously felt the same. It was to be signwritten tomorrow! I was also due to take on another driver Tim to use this vehicle...Whoops! Anyone seeing a very clean all white cabstar tipper with a sun roof, please let me know!! Thanks. As for our works Peter is at Maresfield whilst Chris is finishing Hoblands today and will be moving on to a new project at Horney Common tomorrow. Photos of the new project will be available shortly


17th Sept,

Peter, Richard & Marc are progressing well at Maresfield whilst Chris & Neil are well on their way to completing the Hoblands works. We have several smaller jobs to fit in, but planning is underway for our next 2 large projects. Starting around 6th October is a large paving project on the outskirts of Staplefield. Also Peter has a major project to begin after Maresfield in Balcombe Road, Haywards Heath. We also have a new skilled hard landscaper "Will" starting with us full time from early October. Will has worked for several local landscaping firms as a skilled hard landscaper. I must thank all the other very highly skilled applicants! All your names have been kept on file. We had so much choice, it was very hard to make the right decision. We had applicants from all over Sussex & beyond! I know several of you have been following this diary. If any further positions become vacant I will contact you immediately... Thanks again for wanting to work with us! A letter will be in the post to each of you in the next few days....

9th Sept,

Chris and Neil have moved onto a whole rear garden transformation in The Hoblands, Haywards Heath. Yesterday they completed a small length of random stone walling in The Hollow. Their new job involves quite a lot of grading, approx 60 hardwood sleepers and some 20 odd sq metres of real stone paving. There is also a length of closeboard fencing to replace. Photos can be seen here.

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th Sept,

August has flown by! Peter,Richard & Marc are at Maresfield completing a large project for Hilary Ivey using 100 reclaimed hardwood railway sleepers plus a lot of stock brick walling and circular paving slabs, whilst Chris and Neil are just finishing a york stone job in Summerhill Close in Haywards Heath

Hangleton driveway details still to be added here soon. Works completed by Chris & Neil using Marshalls keyblock paving in brindle.

Hove driveway photos using Euromin paving soon to be added also

July 31st,

Peters is at LeytonLea Cuckfield, A mixed sized real stone flagged patio with a low stock brick stepped brick edge to the lawn

Chris has now taken a long weekend off before restarting a driveway in Hove

Soon I will list forthcoming works and also post archive material showing past works.Feel free to visit again soon, I will update almost daily hopefuly! Chris and Neil will be off back to Hove to complete a driveway, with another in Hangleton.Very shortly we have a very interesting rear garden construction to complete for Hilary Ivey in Maresfield. We also have I think another project for her being finalized. We have a large drive/patio terrace in Balcombe Rd, Haywards Heath.Also another paved parking forecourt and large rear paved area near Staplefield. Not forgetting all the gates, fences, small turfings, paving projects to fit in this summer!

Here we have a few pictures of a 3 day job in Lewes Road Lindfield started on Mon 28th July by Richard and completed with Peter on his return from a long week end off. Click here for a few photos..

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Whoops, my normal very reliable Olympus digital camera has started throwing a wobbly! Error D:1E10, So no photos for a few days, unless anyone reading this can offer any suggestions! I see posted several messages on the Olympus help line site with the same problem!! Ian 26/07/03...Now fixed, apparently a gear problem explained by Miguel. Thank you Miguel for posting the fix. It sorted mine as well!... Very temporary fix unfortunately! Had to go out rapidly and buy a new Canon Powershot A70


Now well into our mens holiday season. Neil is off to Barbados(??) for 2 weeks and Peter has taken a few days off in the West Country (with all the rain!)...... Hopefully the sun will return again soon. Whilst Peter is away Richard is helping Chris in Lucastes Avenue, before preparing a small paving job in Lindfield for Peter next week.

14th July, Peter and Richard move to Southdown Close, Haywards Heath. This is a terracing of a front garden using reclaimed sleepers. Extra parking was required which was completed using riven slabs laid & jointed in sand & cement over a reinforced concrete sub base. These works again involved a lot of preparation and a lot of heavy lifting! About 18 cu m of spoil removed! Please click here to view some photos

When Chris finished at the rear of Old Shoreham Rd, Hove he started a new project with Neil in Lucastes Avenue, Haywards Heath. Photos start from 1st July 2003. There was a lot of hand and machine preparation. Over a week was needed just in reducing the levels. Click here for the photos.. This is a good 4 week project. A lot of work is involved in this project. The terrace was completed in Real Stone flags, the paths in jointed local stock bricks. Project was completed at the end of July.

As July 2003 begins Peter and Richard move over to Wyberlye Rd, Burgess Hill. This is not a very large project, but a very interesting effective transformation.Using Real Stone flags and Rolawn Medallion turf. Photos from start to finish can be viewed if you click here

Chris had been at Old Shoreham Rd, Hove with the assistance of our other men for several weeks completing quite a large rear garden project.This involved using real stone flags from India. Please click here to view photos of these works.

End of June 2003 Peter & Richard were just finishing an impressive flight of york stone steps at Warninglid. Please click here to view some photos.

More photos in the next few days!!! Sorry I have been delayed getting the photos up. I bought a VW camper and caught the bug! I spent all weekend stripping it down to put another roof on. Big boys with their toys!! Also Derry (our general gardener/maintenance man) has moved on so I have been rapidly interviewing and finding a replacement at short notice! Any suggestions welcomed!! Update... New man now started "Marc" to cover the maintenance works and smaller projects. Previously with a Worthing based landscaping operation. A big thanks to all the other applicants who applied! Even one from India!
( Just had another application from Bangladesh!!! Ian...thank you!)

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