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Waldron- Spring & Early Summer 2012

These works were started in Spring 2012 for the local garden designer Juliet Sargeant. Juliet supplied the plans and scope of works which we priced for and the customer accepted early in 2012. We split the works into 2 stages. The lower garden including a large pergola and associated terracing the later the large upper terrace and major steps and walling.

During this project we had all types of weather thrown at us! Glorious sushine as its a South the heavy rain. I couldnt help but notice the abundance of wildlife, the birds in full voice, plus the sudden pretty regular visits by the forces helicopters arriving in the farm behind.



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Firstly a new foundation dug

Filled with Concrete!

Peter then built accurate pillars

Each pillar exact for the pergola

Ian & Peter caught pondering!

Uprights are fixed

Retaining walling also built

Pergola is taking shape

Looking good!

Pergola almost complete

View from the house

A major structure

Pergola complete

New steps!

New brick terrace and steps

New small step and raised bed

Peter then started on the old patio.

Much carted away again

Original steps to amend

New reduced neater steps!

New major side steps...

Lovely new patio!


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